(pack ride across the Kitsap pennisula to Bainbridge Island, returning to SEATTLE on a ferry)
Date:      Sunday, August ??th, 2020


Other MARINES m/c events:   biker celebrations, anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings, funerals, motorcycle honor escorts for Marines Killed In Action, hospital visitation runs, poker/dice/dart runs for biker charity fundraisers, THUNDER THURSDAYS,  biker bar food & bands, motorcycle swap meets, motorcycle rallies, biker camp outs, riding IN the Auburn Veteran's day parade, the Washington - West Council of Clubs and legislative lobbying for BIKER RIGHTS etc.


Event:   The OYSTER RUN, Anacortes, WA
Date:      Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

otorcycle Club's
SEATTLE chapter

"The FEW,
the PROUD,

For info:   GRIZ 206.941.7995      gregmccarl@gmail.com 


The MARINES motorcycle club:
wears a three piece patch and follows those historic m/c traditions.

We are also proud members of
the NATIONAL Council oClubs​ and all of its local chapters


For more INFO about the MARINES m/c Seattle chapter please contact :
GRIZ > 206.941.7995      gregmccarl@gmail.com
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POLAR BEAR poker run
 ( We support this annual fundraiser for the A.B.A.T.E. Motorcycle Rights Organization )
January 1st, 2020   NEW YEAR’S DAY - Kick off the new year withan exhilarating winter ride
Ralley Point:  ride directly to the first stop on the poker run's route!
UNCLE MO’s Snappy Inn, 321 Williams Ave S. RENTON

10:00am   Join us for breakfast!  Come in and go directly to the bartender to order your breakfast FIRST,  then go to the poker run official's table, sign up for the run & draw your first poker card.
11:00am  Kick Stands Up > and we’re off to our 2nd stop in the Polar Bear poker run!

$15per hand, SINGLE rider   $25 for 2 hands, COUPLES
PRIZES:      HIGH poker hand & LOW poker hand      RAFFLE for prizes +  50/50 (you win 1/2 of ticket sales)

The MARINES Motorcycle Club's SEATTLE  chapter proudly presents our annual: 

Date:         SATURDAY, November 9th, 2019

(Yes we know that our birthday is actually on the 10th, but SLIM's is closed on Sunday's.)
SLIM’s Last Chance chili shack & watering hole, 5606 1st Avenue South, SEATTLE

Who:         ALL MARINES & all beautiful women are INVITED
Attire:        Bikers - leather, dress shirts, jeans  & polished boots     Biker chicks - leather, lace, fancy boots & BLING
1800 hrs (-ish):       adult beverages from the bar (you pay) & some chow from their menu (you pay)
1900 hrs (-ish):       
CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY   (FREE CAKE for everyone who supports us)​​

​​Event:        SEATTLE CHAPTER CHURCH  (our monthly biz mtg)

Date:          frequently the 1st Sunday​​ @ NOON


Event:       WASHINGTON STATE CHURCH (our semi-annual biz mtgs)
Date:         March & September
Event:         WESTERN REGION CHURCH (our semi-annual biz mtgs)
Date:        Spring & Fall 
Event:         NATIONAL CHURCH  (our bi-annual biz mtg)
Date:           Summer 2020​​, 2022, 2024 . . .


The MARINES Motorcycle Club SEATTLE chapter proudly presents our annual:

THUNDER RUN to TAHOMA National Cemetery,  KENT
                 " All gave some, SOME GAVE ALL "

Date:          MEMORIAL DAY > MONDAY, May 25, 2020

​​Who:          Patriots who appreciate the sacrifice of those who died in our wars (or later because of them) .
Rally Point:    I-5 exit 156SHELL gas station,  13138 Interurban Ave. S., TUKWILA
Depart:     1600 hrs (4:00pm) Our pack ride will ride approximately 17 miles and take 27 minutes.
Our pack will do a
SLOW ROLL through our National cemetery,  parking by the main U.S. flag, to pay tribute to the fallen.
Join us on our way back for some remembrance chow at The LOST DUTCHMAN Sports Bar, Maple Valley.

The MARINES Motorcycle Club's SEATTLE chapter proudly presents our annual:

FIRECRACKER RUN past Snoqualmie Falls!
Date:              INDEPENDENCE DAY. SATURDAY, July 4th, 2020

​​Who:               Patriots wanting to ride with us to celebrate "Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness!"
Rally Point:         I-5 exit 156, SHELL gas station,   13138 Interurban Ave. S., TUKWILA, WA
ick Stands Up:   HIGH NOON (this ride is approximately 32 miles / 39 minutes)
We'll take an exhilarating & scenic pack ride East through FALL CITY past SNOQUALMIE FALLS to get some
     SMOKEY JOE's Tavern,  38600 SE King St, SNOQUALMIE
You WILL be back home in plenty of time to see the your favorite FIREWORKS display!